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A Virtual Tour Of The Resort Where You Can Meet Asiatic Lions In The Lap Of Luxury!

Shaggy brown mane, golden paws, and a mighty roar, this describes the great Asiatic Lion; and if you’re an enthusiast, Woods at Sasan, located on the fringes of Gir National Park is going to be your wonderland.

Created by 1000 Island, this is the first ever hand-crafted eco-boutique luxury and spa in Gir Forest, and the only place where one can see the gorgeous Asiatic Lions in the wild. With minimal intrusions to the wildlife, the resort is built within an 8-acre mango orchard and offers ultimate luxury.

The property is just 60 km from the ancient Portuguese settlement of Diu and 40 km from Junagadh (a medieval town). Besides the big beast, the Gir is also home to over 300 species of wild birds. It could be the best place to lose yourself in the wilderness and be at peace.

the beautiful woods at sasan resort amid green field

The gorgeous Woods at Sasan amid a vast green field!

a pool at a resort

This wildlife experience comes with some serious luxuries.

a restaurant of woods

Inside the minimalistic yet gorgeous restaurant at Woods at Sasan

a gorgeous living room of a resort

A classy and uncluttered living room for those lazy moments

a gorgeous bedroom with national park views

A tastefully designed bedroom with views of the wild world!

an open air restaurant at woods at Sasan

An outdoor restaurant for a cup of coffee amid the serenity

making mud pots

And if you’re bored waiting for the lions to appear from their dens, you can try your hands on pottery while your kids learn some cooking lessons.