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Taj Mahal Palace Hotel Is Now Ranked Highest Among Global Legendary Hotels

Though it might not come as a surprise to many, but the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel of Mumbai is now officially topping the list of world’s most legendary hotel. The data for the same was evaluated by TrustYou, which is the largest aggregator of guest feedback in the globe. The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel is a name that rubs shoulders with hospitality industry’s other finest creations like the Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok, Four Seasons’ George V, and La Reserva, both in Paris. The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel was ranked at the top, after a A Media Promoter Score of 95 and strong customer validation as provided by more than nine thousand users.

“This would have never been possible without the unmatched dedication of the entire team at the hotel and the patronage of our guests. The Taj Mahal Palace has always carved a niche for itself and chronicled several firsts. What makes the ranking even more special is the fact that it is guest feedback that has brought us the honour.” said the Taljinder Singh, Area Director of Taj Mahal Palace.

Taj Mahal Palace interior

Speaking of data, the hotels were analysed on different parameters including room services, sleep experience, check in check out experience, and food. Hotels with more than 200 rooms, located in a prime city globally were considered for ranking. Located in Mumbai’s most important location, the luxury hotel surely deserved the win! This surely gives us another reason to spend a night in the hotel and experience world-class amenities at their best.

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Boracay Island Shuts Down Temporarily Right After The Earth Day & You’ll Be Ashamed To Know Why!

Right after everybody across the world celebrated the Earth Day with much zeal and enthusiasm, a major turn of events led to the shutdown of one of the Asia’s leading beach destination. Renowned for its refreshing palm trees lined along the shimmering coastline of soft white sand beaches, the pristine Boracay Island has been shut down temporarily by Philippines Government for an estimated duration of next six months, w.e.f. 26th April, as per the leading dailies.

Boracay Island, Philippines

Owing to the infinite volume of garbage that has been dumped in the ocean on a consistent basis, the Boracay Island has turned into a legit “cesspool” as per the words used by the President of Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, himself. Despite the warnings issued by the President to stop the dumping the of the garbage into the ocean, the whole island stands still as the island’s tourism is threatened by the present scenario of fast-paced development and increasing pollution.

Boracay Island

While there are no signs of a proper sewerage and drainage system on Boracay Island, the rapid growth of hotels and travel-related industries is leading the firms to dispose the waste into the sea. Hence, the Government of Philippines has decided to shut down the entire island for six months so that the whole drainage system could be repaired and restored.

Boracay Island in Philippines

In addition to that, the President stated, “As long as there is s*** coming out of those pipes, I will never give you the time of the day to return to Boracay Island.” During the period of these six months, it is estimated that not only the lives of about 36,000 locals would be affected but the set target of attracting close to 7.4 million travelers annually would also go down the drain as tourism is the only source of generating business for the island.

Boracay Island

So if you had been planning to go to Boracay Island, procrastinating your plans would be the right thing to do, and for those who had already booked the tickets, this would be the right time to proceed with the refund.

Nonetheless, looking at the brighter side, the island is temporarily being shut down which means if all of us start traveling responsibly and keep our s*** together, we’ll be able to embark on a clean, comfortable, and a hassle-free holiday to Boracay Island soon!

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You May Have To Handover Your Social Media Details To Get A US Visa!

The State Department has just proposed new rules that may require nearly all visa applicants to share their social media profiles from the past 5 years with the officials. If you’re planning a visit or thinking to shift to the US, you will have to be fine with officials go through your personal information, including your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

In documents to be published in Friday’s Federal Register, the department said it wants the public to comment on the proposed new requirements. The rule will affect nearly 15 million applicants who apply for visas to enter the US every year.

people coming out of an airport in us

Before this proposal, email, phone number, and social media histories were taken from applicants identified for extra scrutiny, like people who are travelling from regions controlled by terrorist organizations. And according to the report, nearly 65,000 people every year fall in that category.

These new rules would apply to virtually all applicants for immigrant and non-immigrant visas. About 710,000 immigrants and 14 million non-immigrant visa applicants will be affected by this rule.

Only applicants for certain diplomatic and official visa types may be exempted from the requirements, the documents said.

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School Admission Drive 2018: Putting The Future Of The World In Classrooms Now

Memories of summer vacations, cultural functions, morning assemblies, and, of course, games periods flash through my mind as I see, on my Facebook feed, pictures of young kids heading for their first day at school. The never-ending cycle of work & fun has undoubtedly given me the best days of my life. Sadly though, despite the enactment of the Right To Education Act (2009), there are children who are missing out on the most vital part of their lives. And this is exactly what we wish to change.

Children pose during the RTE act campaign

The Right of Children to Free Compulsory Education Act, or Right to Education (RTE) Act, aims to make education a fundamental right for every child between the ages of 6 & 14, irrespective of gender & social category. The act, passed by the Indian parliament on 4th August 2009, came into effect nationwide (except the state of Jammu & Kashmir) from 1st April 2010.

Organisers and students rallying during the school admission drive

With the central idea to enroll every child in the age bracket of 6-14 years into the school and to spread awareness about RTE, the NGO Bucket List collaborated with TravelTriangle for the School Admission Drive 2018. Listed below are the detailed objectives:

  • To enrol a minimum of 30 children (living on streets and in slum colonies) into the Sarvodaya Vidyalayas.
  • To spread awareness about free and compulsory education under the RTE — on-ground and online awareness.
  • Initiate documentation procedure of the children and impart relevant knowledge (Aadhaar, Bank A/C, etc).
  • Launch several rallies to give out information regarding RTE and prompt the audience to register for the same during the short window before admission process commences.
  • To document the progression of the drive, reflecting all the obstacles and reliefs, to present a contrast.

Organisers and students gather for a rally during the school admission drive

TravelTriangle has, thus far, been able to raise over Rs. 25,000 on behalf of Bucket List through the school admission drive, thus ensuring school admission for at least 23 children. Going forward, the team hopes to be able to sponsor the education for even more children.

About the NGO

bucket list at traveltriangle

Bucket List is an NGO working for the underprivileged children through creative media — storytelling, sports, and arts — to enhance their physical & social well being. Its programmes, such as Tell a Tale, Genie in a Bucket, and Streets to Field, aim to bring a change in their lives and help them make the most of their talents & skills.

Our association with the NGO

group picture of bucketeers on children's day

TravelTriangle has been associated with the NGO — Bucket List — for the past 6 months. Together, the two have successfully conducted multiple events; including donation drive, Children’s Day celebration, and Secret Santa for the underprivileged kids.

When asked about their wishes during the Secret Santa event, these kids expressed their desire to get admission into school. While some of our employees stepped in right away to make these dreams come true, these wishes of the little kids all led to the genesis of the next event — the School Admission Drive.

Here’s what the project lead of Bucket List has to say about the initiative

A picture of Saif Ullah Khan who is the project lead of Bucket List

Under the School Admission Drive, we had the pledge to get all the children, eligible under RTE, admitted to a school. How many kids do we know who love going to school? Not so many. But once you witness all these children getting ready for school so enthusiastically every single day, it becomes a source of inspiration for us. It is here that we see education truly being valued. And it is with these children that you can be sure that education will be positively utilized. A big thank you to TravelTriangle for believing in our endeavors & becoming lifetime ‘Genies’ for so many deserving children.

Banner of the school admission drive hosted by TT

It’s truly a great initiative that Bucket List has taken to ensure a great future & ‘achhe din’ for the destitute children. Small steps, such as this one, can make tremendous impact on the lives of others. We, at TravelTriangle, have already started contributing to the cause, and so can you.

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You Can Enjoy A FREE ENTRY To The Public Gardens In The USA This Month & Here’s How!

While the U.S. might come across as a little expensive place to holiday with your loved ones, there’s always a way to save a few dollars, and enjoy the trip without worrying about the budget. One of such ways to save this month on your trip is enjoying the free entry to the public gardens in the USA by planning your visit on the National Public Gardens Day.

The National Public Gardens Day is being celebrated and hosted since 2009 every year on May 11 by the American Public Gardens Association with an aim to raise awareness about the public gardens and the role they play in their communities and on a global scale.

brooklyn garden usa

While a free entry to the public gardens in the USA is already a good news, what’s another is the fact that there are more than 150 gardens who will be participating this year. This means you won’t only get to enjoy free admission, but also special activities like guided tours, contests, or partnerships with local businesses.

Some of the best public gardens which you can visit are the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Queens Botanical Garden in New York, the Smithsonian Gardens or the United States Botanic Garden in D.C., the Getty Center and Villa in Los Angeles, the Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle, and more.

We are sure you don’t want to miss witnessing the blooming flowers in a zillion colors, blue bells, and special shows during your holiday in the U.S. for free, right? So, just make a few changes in your itinerary and book May 11 for visiting these gorgeous gardens!

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15 Indian Railways Stations With Funny Names

India is country full of quirks. There are random signboards and people we meet on our way that make us chuckle. Indeed, as railway is a significant aspect of the country, we must get into Indian railway stations with funny names! Right from North India to South India, there are small regions for which only the name is enough; they’ve made their mark like that.

So, without further ado, let’s scroll through this post featuring funny Indian railway stations names.


Station code: ILO

Lotte Golla Halli

Station code: LOGH

clutter buck ganj

Station code: CBJ


Station code: WST


Station code: GRO


Station code: BXLL


Station code: KKL

londa junction

Station code: LD

Odhaniya Chacha

Station code: OCH


Station code: BAF


Station code: NANA


Station code: MOI

Sali - Rajasthan

Station code: SALI


Station code: SAHL


Station code: DWNA

Which of these you found to be funniest? Let’s see if you know more such funny Indian railway stations names!

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Flamingo Watching Site At Sewri To Remain Closed For Visitors For The Next 7 years

Of the numerous reasons that make Mumbai a popular tourist destination, Flamingo watching remains one of the favorites. But here’s a news that doesn’t augur well for the all the birders out there. The Sewri Mudflats, which has been recognized as an ideal place for Flamingo watching in Mumbai, will not be accepting visitors for the next seven years, confirms Hindustan Times. The report clearly mentions that because of the construction work in progress at the Mumbai-Trans-Harbour Link (22 km), a barricade has been raised at the site which will make the Flamingo spotting site inaccessible for tourists. The Mumbai-Trans-Harbour Link will connect Mumbai to Navi Mumbai (Jawaharlal Nehru Port).

The mud flat in Sewri is a world-renowned site for Flamingo spotting and every year this place attracts millions of birders from all around the world. Every year, Flamingos travel all the way from Kutch in Gujarat make for an adorable sight. They can be mostly spotted feeding on the mudflat. Sewri Mangrove Park, overlooking the mudflats, makes for the perfect vantage point to spot the elusive bird.

Since there will be large machines at work on this site, we will have to cordon off the area, and citizens will not be allowed to enter for their own safety. For this, a gate is being set up. Flamingos have already begun moving a few 100 meters away from this site, and for at least the next seven years, people cannot visit this spot to see them,” said a technical officer at the construction site.

acj-1605-sweri-mudflats-flaminog (1)

Bombay Natural History Society, for the past 6 years, has been organizing the Flamingo Festival every year at this place. However, N Vasudevan – the additional principal chief conservator of forests, State Mangrove Cell, has confirmed that the bird safari organized near Thane will continue to take place.

Another popular place in Mumbai for Flamingo spotting apart from Sewri is Airoli, Thane where playful birds can be spotted almost around the year. Airoli is the place that has been in news for organizing Flamingo Safari, and so far, it has seen a huge response from people. So, you don’t need to make too many changes to your holiday plans if at all you have any! Head to Airoli and experience the wonderful Flamingo Safari.

Since there are only a few boats operating for the safari as of now, you need to make bookings well in advance. Hence, call the Coastal Marine Biodiversity Centre now and make a booking right away!

Contact number: +91-9987673737

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The World’s Largest ‘Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi’ Theme Park To Open This July!

Be it the old Ferrari World or the new longest Zipline, it seems like UAE just can’t get enough of adventure. And now adding another feather to its cap for attracting tourists, it has the world’s largest indoor theme park – ‘Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi‘ opening in its capital this July.

This $1 billion indoor amusement park is situated on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi and will officially open to the public on 25th July, 2018. The park will remain open and accessible on all the seven days of the week from 7:40 AM to 11:00 PM. The much-awaited Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi is divided into six interactive zones and will feature the most iconic characters like Flinstones, Superman, Jetsons, and more.

martian zone in warner bros world abu dhabi

The six experiential zones will be the Superman and the Justice League (Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Cyborg and Aquaman) in Metropolis; Batman, The Joker, Harley Quinn, and The Riddler in the Gotham City; the Flintstones in the Bedrock; Bugs Bunny, Scooby-Doo, and Tom & Jerry in the Cartoon Junction; the old-school cartoon icons like the Jetsons, Wile E. Coyote, and Marvin the Martian in the Dynamite Gulch; and a Warner Bros. Plaza.

The ‘Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi’ park will also feature 29 rides, have multiple live shows, and various dining & shopping complexes. It is boasting itself as the world’s largest Warner Bros. themed indoor park and will be charging $79 (290 Dirham) for adults and $63 for children (230 Dirham) for a visit.

new warner bros. world theme park in abu dhabi

All in all, this sounds like an interesting place to visit in UAE, and we are sure that you don’t want to skip it from your itinerary. So, don’t think further and start planning your Dubai & Abu Dhabi holiday with TravelTriangle, and also visit all the best attractions on the island like the Ferrari World, Yas Waterworld, and the Yas Marina Circuit!

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New Rail Line Between Agartala And Kolkata Will Reduce Travel-Time By 21 Hours

Thanks to the new Akhaura railway line, the travel time between Agartala and Kolkata will now be reduced to 10 hours instead of 31. This news comes as a big relief to the people of these two cities as the commute time will now be reduced by one-third of the original time.

The new rail line between Agartala and Kolkata will be cutting through Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka instead of Guwahati, reducing the travel distance from 1,600 km to just 550 km. The 12.3 km line will go to Akhaura which is linked to Dhaka-Chittagong rail route.

The INR 570 Crore rail line project will be operational from 2020, as informed by the sources. There will be a security check once at Nischintapur on the Indian side and Gangasagar on the Bangladesh side.

news - new rail line betwween Agartala and Kolkata

The new Agartala-Kolkata rail line will make freight movement and transfer of goods from Northeastern states to Kolkata faster than ever, making it a huge convenience for the north-easterners. The goods from the busy port of Chittagong will also reach Agartala quicker.

“Kolkata is a major destination for people in this area, but as of now, there was no direct connectivity to the city. The line will help not only people from Agartala but also those from Mizoram which is 150 km away,” Chief engineer of the Rs 570 crore project M S Chauhan said.

No more wasting days to get to Kolkata. The ‘achhe din’ for north-eastern commuters are finally here. Indian Railways is becoming a true messiah for travelers with one rail project at a time.

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Tickets For Ro-Ro Ferry Services From Mumbai To Alibaug Will Cost Less Than Your Chicken McGrill

In less than a month’s time, you will soon be able to travel from Mumbai to Alibaug via sea. Literally translating into roll on and roll off services, the first ever Ro-Ro ferry service from Mumbai to Alibaug is expected to begin its operations from next month. And the best part is, you’re not alone in this ride. Travelers will be able to board their cars too, and reach Alibaug in no time.

Starting Point: Mumbai’s Ferry Wharf (Bhaucha Dhakka) in Mazgaon
Ending Point: Mandwa Port in Alibaug
Starting From: May 2018 (TBC)
Cost Per Person: Starting from INR 85 for one-way travel (Expected)
Duration Per Ride: 35 to 50 Minutes
Time Of First Ferry: 6.15 AM from Mumbai
Time Of Last Ferry: 7.30 PM from Mandwa
Journey Time: 45 Minutes
Loading Time: 15 Minutes (For vehicles only)
Capacity Of Each Ferry: 500 passengers (Inclusive of crew members & excluding the vehicles)

Ro-Ro Ferry Service From Mumbai to Alibaug

Introducing the first ever Ro-Ro ferry services from Mumbai to Alibaug, the officials feel that it would not only attract a lot of commuters but will also reduce the highway traffic on Mumbai to Goa route. While the framework for the ferry services to begin is almost complete, the pontoon bridge which will be loading the vehicles on the ferry is also said to be ready, as reported by a leading newspaper.

In addition to that, Sanjay Bhatia, the chairperson of the Mumbai Port Trust stated that the actual vessels will be imported from Greece while the ones that’ll be used initially will be brought from China. As far as the cost is concerned, each ticket is expected to cost somewhere in between INR 85 to 150 for one way.

Ro-Ro Ferry Service From Mumbai to Alibaug

Apart from this, travelers will also enjoy the Ro-Ro ferry services from Mumbai to Alibaug non-stop during the monsoon season as well. While the time of traveling between Mumbai to Alibaug would decrease to a maximum of 50 minutes from 4 hours, the duration of each ferry ride will be close to 1 hour including the time of vehicle onloading and offloading.

  • Ajanta
  • Apollo Catamaran
  • Maldar Catamarans
  • PNP Maritime Services

Ro-Ro Ferry Service From Mumbai to Alibaug

Holding a capacity of carrying 500 passengers including 13 crew members and a minimum of 60 cars, the cost of the ticket will vary for each person depending on their seating location. While your one-way ticket can cost a maximum of INR 150, the air-conditioned seats can range from INR 85 to INR 135 on the main deck and upper deck respectively.

Excited much? Well the ride is sure to be worth the wait!