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Travel Made Easy! You Can Now Swipe & Book Homes On The Go At $1

Imagine being able to swipe holiday homes left and right on your smartphone in mere $1! If it makes the travel bug in you drool, then do we have a great news for you!

Recently launched, Holiday Swap is an app that aims to allow people to swap homes with other people when they travel. Those who have already used it are starting to call it Tinder. But unlike Tinder, Holiday Swap works on a global rather than local scale, enabling you to see properties in the over 40 countries across the 6 continents that this app presently covers.

The app is easy to use, much like Tinder itself!

  • First, filter your app settings for things like ‘good atmosphere’, ‘crowd’, etc
  • Once you’ve “matched” with someone, you’ll get a notification and a “pin” will be added to your map
  • Then you can chat with the user and see their availability calendar

How The Holiday Swap Concept Works

The cool part is, you only have to pay only $1 (INR 65) per bed a night to swap through the app. In addition, the user can request a fully refundable deposit if it makes them more comfortable.

This means that while swapping, you can protect against the user canceling on you or against damage since all of this is covered by home insurance. You can deposit the fee into a third party account and have it returned to yourself when the process is complete.

There are also pretty cool properties available on the app already. Moreover, Holiday Swap is now available on both iOS and Android and many users have already started swapping!

Something like this can surely become a fully integrated travel tool that reduces the cost of travel. It can also act as a social media travel tool, which gives tourists new experiences by taking out one of the biggest costs of travel.

It’s also a great way to connect with people in different corners of the world. Travelers don’t always have to swap. If you’ve matched with someone in Toronto, it means you now have a friend there! How cool is that!

James Asquith founded holiday swap

More than swapping, it’s an excellent tool to actually travel. It will compel people to actually go and experience a new place once they’ve found a property there! It is the best way to really open up travel to more and more people and places.

The app was founded by 29-year-old James Asquith. A London banker by profession, Asquith is the youngest man to travel to every country in the world by the age of 24! Rather than making money, his primary aim behind creating the app was merely to bring people closer and to make the world accessible by all. Currently, he plans on coming up with more tools and tech to help achieve that!

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Got any more ideas on how to bring travel to everyone and make it economical? Let us know in the comments below. Till then, Happy Swapping!

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You Can Soon Enjoy 360 Degree Views Of Northern Lights From Svart Hotel In Norway

The view of Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights is about to get more rewarding topped with luxury; thanks to the upcoming Svart Hotel allowing a 360 degrees perspective of this intriguing phenomenon. The hotel will be built on the Halondsfjorden Fjord, known for providing access to the Svartisen Glacier (the most visited glacier in Norway) to the tourists. Svart is going to be a savior from freezing cold, offering world class amenities and sustainability.

Svart Hotel in Norway

The design is inspired by local architecture, with wooden stilts that will help building the structure above water. The authorities claim that the property has sustainability as a priority as it will be using 85 percent less energy and resources, as compared to any other hotel. The circular design of Svart allows the solar panels to absorb optimum sunlight, regardless of the season. Further, the massive windows in the rooms let the thermal energy of Sun prevail. In fact, the boardwalk isn’t merely a boardwalk, it also serves as a storage space for boats; not harming the landscape with additional space for the same.

Svart Hotel in Norway

Well, looks like the glass-igloo resort in Finland has a competition! We’re glad this is coming, as now Europe tour packages will be taken up a notch.

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This Sled Hotel In Finland Lets You Move Around For The Best Views Of Northern Lights!

Hotels in the Nordic regions are going miles beyond the usual, as an intent to offer an experiential stay amidst the Northern Lights. We know already about the Glass Igloo Hotel in Finland, and now we’re being offered, wait for it, the Sled Hotel! This mobile hotel in Finland lets you move to the perfect location for watching Northern Lights. Perfect may as well mean, a remote locale which can be way colder than your imagination. However, these custom-made sled hotel in Finland introduced by Off The Map Travel, will give you all the warmth you need.

Currently, there are three hotel rooms, which are 6.5 feet tall, 15 feet in length and the width is 8 feet. The space can accommodate two people. Other than a comfy bed, you have a dining table, gas heater and external dry toilet coming with you on the move. Of course, the roof made of glass providing you mesmerizing views of the Northern Lights as you snuggle in your bed.


But that’s not it, if you wish to venture out in the snow, you will have all the tools required in your sled room, such as personal sled and snowshoes. Currently, the hotel is based out of Kilpisjärvi and will be accepting bookings till Mid-April. Fret not! The hotel will be back in January 2019.

In an interview with Daily Mail, the founder of Off The Map Travel, Jonny Cooper said “Away from any man-made light pollution, it is here that that the wilderness camp is placed for the winter, giving guests the best possible opportunity to experience the Northern Lights and simply enjoy the silence of the Arctic plains.”

Guess it’s time you start planning a getaway to this region already! TravelTriangle’s customizable Europe tour packages would come as a savior for you.

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The Disney Magic Cruise Will Let You See Italy and Southern Europe In An Exciting Way

In the summer of 2019, Disney cruise line will be launching their first-ever round trip cruise called Disney Magic. The Rome-based cruise is one of the seven new cruise routes that the cruise line is offering in Europe. The route will start from the port of Civitavecchia, a town near Rome, Italy. The first trip will start on June 14th with stops in Italy, France and Spain, offering a unique way to see Italy and Southern Europe to all Disney fans.

In 2019, the Disney Cruise Line’s Disney Magic Cruise will enter the Mediterranean in early summer and northern Europe in late summer.

disney characters in front of disney cruise

Travelers can explore Salerno, which is located on Amalfi Coast of Italy; Cinque Terre, which are centuries-old seaside villages on the rugged Italian Riviera coastline; Villefranche-sur-Mer, which is an authentic French and Niçoise fishing village on the French Riviera; and Marseilles, which is the second-largest city of France; and Spain’s vibrant beach city of Barcelona.