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This Cliff Camp 60 Feet Above English Channel Is Not For Faint Hearted

An adventure-enthusiast, Eddy Young has introduced a B&B in Dorset that puts all the adventure stays to shame. Here, you’ll be sleeping on a hammock suspended 60 feet above the English Channel. And of course you won’t dare to toss and turn while you sleep!

This unique cliff camping experience, or portaledge, is described as “a tent in the world of vertical life.” Young’s Adventure Solutions, the company mentions on their website “a sense of adventure is most important,” and we couldn’t agree more. “The clients will stay tied to a harness and the portaledge sinks a bit in the middle to stop you rolling off,” says Eddy Young.

Cliff camping in Dorset

Talking of the pricing, it would cost you around 640 USD for a single guest/adventurer to stay overnight, the cost of dinner is included in the tariff. But if you are traveling with another like-minded traveler, the cost comes down to 355 USD per person. And if there are more than three people in the group, Young’s Adventure Solutions need to be contacted directly for arrangements.

However, if staying overnight sounds a lot for you, you can opt to have lunch and behold sunset from the hammock B&B. It would definitely cost a lot cheaper. Until now, according to a report by Daily Mail, this cliff camp has hosted just 6 people. Even though the whole experience, even a sight of it, makes us wonder how dangerous it would be, Young assures it indeed is safe and comfy.

Cliff Camp 60 Feet Above English Channel

Don’t know about others, but if you are already smitten by the idea of cliff camping with Young’s Adventure Solution, make sure you carry warm and comfortable clothing, shoe, prescribed medications and other essentials you think you cannot go an adventure-filled day without.

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Luxury Coaches In The All New Tejas Express To Go SMART! Indian Railways Is Zooming @200 Kmph

Indian Railways is taking a giant leap forward and this has been clearly evident in the recent advancements. This development comes in the form of all SMART and luxurious coaches of Tejas Express. The new futuristic trains from Indian Railways will take customer experience to another level. And the snapshots of the supposed development would leave you stunned. As the coaches turn smart, the definition of Indian Railways journeys is all set to be changed from convenience to luxury!

The onus has been put on the improved experience and safety of passengers. To ensure all of this, they have introduced an array of ultra-modern facilities in the Smart coaches. In coming times, the Indian Railways is already looking to escalate the introduction of similar smart coaches in trains.

Indian Railways's new train Tejas to be flagged off from Mumbai for Goa tomorrow, arrived in platform number 18 of CST on Sunday morning. Express photo by Nirmal Harindran, 21st May 2017, Mumbai.

To see all this taking effect smoothly, the Rail Coach Factory (RCF) Kapurthala has been assigned the responsibility to deliver around 107 SMART coaches in the current financial year. SMART or Specific Modified Aesthetic Reform Travel coaches will be unveiled to the world with Tejas Express and will flaunt modern aircraft-like features thus ensuring optimum comfort. The manufacturing cost of one coach would come around 3 crore rupees which will vary depending on the class (executive class or chair car) of the coach.

“SMART coach will have all the features of Tejas, this is a project that was given to us by the Railway Board and we have taken it up as a challenge. Last year, the Tejas Express that was rolled out between Mumbai and Goa had SMART coaches but this year’s coaches will have many more features,” says Satya Prakash Trivedi, GM of RCF

“Basically we are manufacturing Tejas coaches, which can also be called SMART coaches. The second Tejas rake will roll out in May and third will be ready sometime in June or July. In total we will make 107 SMART coaches this year, that is roughly 6 train rakes,”

“Based on the feedback that we received for the first Tejas Express, we have added features such as Venetian blinds on windows, automatic interconnecting doors between coaches that will either open/close automatically or passengers will have to press a button next to the door. We have also changed the color-scheme of seats a bit. The overall experience would be completely aircraft-like,”

Highlights of the SMART coaches of Tejas Express

acj-2504-smart-coaches (3)

Image Courtesy – Financial Express

  • Ergonomic seating with improved cushioning and upholstery
  • New color scheme and anti-graffiti vinyl sheets
  • Attendant calling buttons
  • Wi-Fi facility
  • Smart windows with automatic Venetian blinds
  • Adjustable and personalized reading lights
  • Dust sealed gangways, fire and smoke detection and suppression system
  • LED lighting
  • CCTV systems
  • Vending machines for tea and coffee
  • Integrated Braille displays, toilet occupancy indicators
  • Bio-vacuum toilets with modular sensor-based fittings
  • Electronic Passenger reservation chart

The Tejas Express train which will be second of its kind with SMART coaches is believed to run on the Delhi-Chandigarh route. The first one was operated between Mumbai and Goa!

Indian Railways is making rapid as well as remarkable advancements and we couldn’t get any happier!

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A Virtual Tour Of The Resort Where You Can Meet Asiatic Lions In The Lap Of Luxury!

Shaggy brown mane, golden paws, and a mighty roar, this describes the great Asiatic Lion; and if you’re an enthusiast, Woods at Sasan, located on the fringes of Gir National Park is going to be your wonderland.

Created by 1000 Island, this is the first ever hand-crafted eco-boutique luxury and spa in Gir Forest, and the only place where one can see the gorgeous Asiatic Lions in the wild. With minimal intrusions to the wildlife, the resort is built within an 8-acre mango orchard and offers ultimate luxury.

The property is just 60 km from the ancient Portuguese settlement of Diu and 40 km from Junagadh (a medieval town). Besides the big beast, the Gir is also home to over 300 species of wild birds. It could be the best place to lose yourself in the wilderness and be at peace.

the beautiful woods at sasan resort amid green field

The gorgeous Woods at Sasan amid a vast green field!

a pool at a resort

This wildlife experience comes with some serious luxuries.

a restaurant of woods

Inside the minimalistic yet gorgeous restaurant at Woods at Sasan

a gorgeous living room of a resort

A classy and uncluttered living room for those lazy moments

a gorgeous bedroom with national park views

A tastefully designed bedroom with views of the wild world!

an open air restaurant at woods at Sasan

An outdoor restaurant for a cup of coffee amid the serenity

making mud pots

And if you’re bored waiting for the lions to appear from their dens, you can try your hands on pottery while your kids learn some cooking lessons.

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Rachna’s Sri Lanka Family Tour Will Make The Wanderer In You Envious

They say traveling leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller. But what would you expect when a writer embarks on a vacation?! Well, the narration will be your own gateway to the places she set foot, food she savored and the experiences she’ll cherish till the end of time. Rachna Prabhakar went to explore Sri Lanka with her husband and kid for five memorable days. Her story is surely something that will spark envy, but the little details she provides will be your first-hand guide to Sri Lanka. Right from the places she visited, to shopping, hotels and more, you’ll find key takeaways if your Sri Lankan vacation is around the corner too! Let’s dive to her voyage now.

When you travel, you escape from routine and responsibilities. And that’s exactly what our Sri Lankan vacation gave us – a drift away from emails, calls, messages, chores etc. We booked this 5 days 4 nights Sri Lanka family tour package and Travel Triangle helped a great deal in getting us in touch with travel operators from planned our destination. And we are glad we chose Amara Lanka. Right from the contact person and our driver-cum-guide, to the choice of itinerary and service- it was all perfect!

We chose to travel on 25th December during the peak tourist day and season in Lanka. We reached Colombo really early on 25th and met the representative at the airport. Our itinerary began from Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. And because we spent our earlier night at Bangalore Airport and we reached Colombo at an unearthly hour; we snored through our travel to Pinnawala. Sri Lankan roads and perfect driving skills helped us sleep like babies.

Trip Type: Family
Duration: 4 nights 5 days
Dates: 25th December – 29th December 2017
Total Trip Cost: INR 37,000
Agent Name: Amara Lanka Tours
Inclusions: Breakfast, airport transfer, sightseeing, entry fees
Exclusions: Flights, visa

1. Pinnawala

Enjoying in Pinnawala

Our journey began from Elephant Orphanage, one of the places to visit in Sri Lanka. Contradictory to common belief, the elephants aren’t kept in bondage, making it a happy place to spend time and play with elephants and their babies.

The elephants were so friendly, we couldn’t really get enough of them. So, after the orphanage we went ahead for an indulging elephant ride, arranged by a privately-run organization. We were greeted by a lovely elephant, a 75 year old Raja, on a little high mound above the lake. The idea was to go down to the lake, get in the waters and climb back up. It may sound easy, but doing so riding an elephant was indeed thrilling.

Shopping experience
Being a place that’s majorly about elephants, you can find many shops in Pinnawala selling merchandise made out of elephant dung, like elephant dung paper for those who are interested in such novelty. But that’s not all, you can bag other handicraft items as well, but I would say they are certainly on the expensive end.

2. Sigiriya

Rachna's family in Sigiriya

After Pinnawala was a 2-hour long journey to yet another gem, Sigiriya or Sinhagiri as it’s also called. We travelled through narrow pathways in tall grasslands, and when you begin to doubt the possibility of civilization this far, you suddenly chance upon a few cottages. This is the place you come to when you crave an escape from city’s humdrum for a little while, so you can connect with nature without having to compromise with basic necessities.

In the evening, we climbed the iconic Lion Rock. The climb was long, extremely crowded but we still had fun since it was a different experience. The flight of stairs, as it takes you upwards, allow you a magnificent view of the surrounding, and you may stumble upon monkeys and friendly dogs as you make your way towards the top.

Distance between Pinnawala and Sigiriya: 98 km (2.5 hours approximately)

3. Dambulla

Rachna Dambulla

On the way to Dambulla, we visited Premadasa Gems, watched a quick film on gem mining and shopped for couple of knick and knacks. However, if you want you can buy masks, paintings and other handicrafts, but you may find them expensive. Getting back on the road, we finally reached Dambulla Cave Temple in another 15-17 minutes. The climb to this marvel is short, the interiors are enchanting, and oh, the views! The scenic panorama will have your jaws dropped. There are a number of Buddha statues and the rooms capture sunlight and illuminate the entire place very beautifully.

Distance between Sigiriya and Dambulla: 19 km (half an hour approximately)

4. Kandy

Rachna's click in Kandy

Since shopping is one of the best things to do in Kandy, we went ahead for it. After a good shopping session, we visited the Temple of Tooth Relic. The Buddhist temple is a part of the royal palace complex of the erstwhile Kingdom of Kandy.

We got free by 8:30 pm and decided to go somewhere for dinner. But it was rather disappointing to see that many restaurants were either closed or almost closing, but KFC came to our rescue and that’s where we had our dinner.

Shopping experience
You’d be bewitched looking at colorful crafty items arrayed in the market, and if you are looking for practicing your bargaining skills Kandy’s markets would be a great place to go for it. Our driver took us to a small art and craft place called Skilled Hands. They had a pretty decent and good collection of masks, the very famous paintings on velvet, artifacts, fridge magnets and other knick-knacks. We picked up a few masks and paintings as souvenirs.

We also visited Kandy City Centre as the shopaholic in us just wasn’t going lazy. The mall has some interesting places to shop in such as Glitz. Many items were quite reasonable and good in quality.

Distance between Dambulla and Kandy: 73 km (2 hours and 15 minutes approximately)

5. Nuwara Eliya

Rachna's kid in Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya is a beautiful hill station with picturesque locations. Our first stop was at Hanuman Temple; where, as per the legend, Lord Hanuman stayed before he went for rescuing Sita. Later, we had lunch at a humble vegetarian place just outside the temple called Hotel Annapurna offering good food and great hospitality. Next, we visited Ramboda Waterfalls and the Tea Factory. As the day was coming to an end, we dined at Indian Summer restaurant for dinner and were pleasantly surprised by the wonderful Indian flavors.

Distance between Kandy and Nuwara Eliya: 77 km (2.5 hours approximately)

6. Sitavan and Bentota

Temple in Sri Lanka

The next morning we left for Bentota but before that, we drove though Nuwara Eliya and visited Seetha Amman, a temple of historical and cultural significance. The stark contrast of the color of the temple against the dark green trees of Ashok Vatika was a sight to behold. If you are driving to Bentota from Nuwara Eliya and are an adventure enthusiast; you must try river rafting and other watersports on the way. It was the longest drive and so we slept through the exhaustion of packed days.

Rachna in Sri Lanka

We passed through the town of Avissawella and had a fabulous Sri Lankan lunch at Avissawella Rest House. This was like one of the hidden gems and if you happen to pass through this town; do step in here for Rice and Curry. We reached Bentota in the evening and checked in to Hotel Laluna Resort.

Distance between Nuwara Eliya and Bentota: 520 km (5.5 hours approximately)

Rachna and her husband in Sri Lanka

7. Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery and Ambalangoda (Bentota)

Kasgoda Turtle Hatchery

On the way to Ambalangoda; we went to the Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery that is worth a visit. If you are interested in arts; you must pay a visit to Ambalangoda Mask Museum and also the Batik Factory where you can get a glimpse of how the very popular masks and batik work are done.

Ambalangoda Mask Museum

8. Colombo

Shopping in Colombo

We then drove down to Colombo and reached the city around 3.45 PM on the last day of our tour. We had lunch at Manhattan Fish Market and really enjoyed the food. We drove around the city, checked out the malls and shopping centers but they were all too expensive to pick up anything from.
Distance between Bentota and Colombo: 83 km (2 hours approximately)

RHO Sigiriya by D – Sigiriya


Image credit: RHO Sigiriya Facebook

RHO has a lovely swimming pool overlooking a serene lake and the owners had also set up a wonderful barbecue for the evening. We were so overwhelmed with RHO Sigiriya. Come night, we were exhausted and slept like logs until 9 am in to the next morning. We were served some amazing Sri Lankan breakfast and thereafter, we bid goodbye to the place. We enjoyed the stay here most of all. RHO Sigiriya is a property in the middle of a tranquil locality, blessed with lush greenery.

Hotel Liyya Residence – Kandy

liyya Residence.

Image credit: Hotel Liyya Residence

We checked in to Hotel Liyya Residence where rooms were small but neat and comfy. The hotel’s interiors are made to look classy with warm tones. If you are looking for more privacy, the Deluxe Room would be a perfect choice as the rooms also feature a private balcony.

Hotel Serene Bungalow – Nuwara Eliya

Serene Bungalow

Image credit:

The only downside in our vacation was the stay at this hotel. For starters, it didn’t seem like a hotel; forget the 2.5 stars the travel operator marked them with. But since we were there already; we stayed put for the night and got out first thing in the morning.

Hotel Laluna Resort – Bentota

Laluna Resort

The resort overlooks the backwaters. We were staying in one of the rooms in the first floor and hence the views from the patio were scenic, tranquil, and beautiful. We visited the beach in the evening and had loads of fun.

  • Sri Lankan restaurants and most shopping places close early for the day. Hence, be prepared for such eventualities.
  • If you are shopping in Sri Lanka, make sure you bargain because most often you will be surprised to know that the final price you pay is much less than half the originally mentioned price.
  • Check for authenticity of handicrafts if you are interested in picking up only originals.
  • Don’t underestimate the traffic conditions, especially when in Kandy. We were to watch the Kandy Cultural Dance Show but unfortunately traffic was so bad that we couldn’t get to the place on time.
  • You may get charged at least four times more than a local would for visiting any place in this country. Make sure you interact with locals to confirm the prices of different items, even estimate transportation tariff charged by drivers.
  • Spending time with the elephants in Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage and riding an elephant to take the tour around the lake
  • A challenging yet beautiful climb to the Lion Rock
  • The artistry in and views from Dambulla Cave Temple
  • Souvenir shopping in Kandy’s Skilled Hands
  • Watersports enroute Bentota
  • Our time at the Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery
  • We missed a few activities due to lack of time
  • Madu river safari
  • Floating market of Pettah
  • A few places in Colombo like Gangaramaya Temple and Barefoot Gallery
  • Kandy Cultural Dance Show

Rachna had the best time of her life while she was on her Sri Lanka family tour. It’s time you too gift yourself and your loved ones the priceless gift of travel with a customised Sri Lanka tour package by TravelTriangle.

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Best Places To See On An Anniversary Trip To Bali

Our anniversary trip to Bali was a wonderfully unique experience that we would cherish forever. It was hassle-free, breathtaking, and luxurious at the same time. And yes, the best part was, it was just the break we needed!

TravelTriangle was found on the internet as were searching for packages and frankly, they did an amazing job in guiding us to book for Bali and giving us the personalized package we needed. Special mention to Mr. Mayank, who helped us a lot during the trip planning.

So now that everything was sorted, my wife and I couldn’t wait to celebrate our first anniversary at an exotic location that we had so far seen on travel magazines only and believe me when I say this, it is much better in real life.

Day 1: Arrival in Bali // Transfer to hotel

19 January 2018

couple at bali airport

plane at bali airport

couple arrives in bali

bali hotels

food in bali

rooms of bali

nightlife in Bali

bali foods

Post-easy immigration and custom procedures, we were greeted by the local representative with a big display name that we could trace from a distance. Then we were assisted by him for our transfer to our hotel in Kuta. On the way I was assisted gladly for money exchange from a good genuine currency exchanger while my wife had a good introduction about Bali and its culture from our guide. Finally, we checked into the hotel with a the view of a relaxing poolside and a refreshing drink.The bellboy was called and we were taken to our room which was very well maintained. The rest of the day was spent chilling at the hotel only.

Bali Honeymoon Packages On TravelTriangle

Stay at luxurious private pool villas and resorts, Experience thrilling water sports – parasailing, scuba diving, and snorkeling – or take a sunset dinner cruise. Get best honeymoon deals for Bali offered only by TravelTriangle.

Day 2: Half day water sports and nightlife experience

20 January 2018

jet ski bali

jet ski in bali

watersports bali

After a hearty breakfast that consisted of a variety of cuisines and drinks, we left for a half day watersports activities. We tried tube sailing, jetski & banana boat ride and had the most amazing time indulging in each one of them. Later, after a solid negotiation for scuba diving, we finally did it and it was an out of the world experience. The weather today was amazing too, with water below and the sky above and a bit of drizzle.

sightseeing in bali

water activities in bali

fun in bali

We were later dropped at our hotel, where we took a small nap before venturing out to the nearby local market to listen to drumbeat and live music.Our hotel, as promised was in the centre of all the best nightlife places.

Day 3: Full day Kintamani – Ubud Tour

21 January 2018

kintamani bali

kintamani bali tour

kintamani bali tours

bali romantic trip

After breakfast we proceeded for a full day tour of Kintamani Volcano and Ubud Village. It was an awestruck moment for us to see the UC Silver & Gold and we couldn’t stop clicking pictures outside even though inside photography was restricted. The weather was rainy and heavy clouds made it impossible for us to view the volcano. Our very friendly guide, Mr Daddy (yes that is his name) tried getting us a glimpse of it from different points but alas, none of it worked. Next up was the coffee vegetation where we were introduced to a creature called luwak. It eats the coffee bean and passes it out in the form of his poop. And incidentally, that is what makes the coffee the best in the world. Later, we even got a few coffee flavours for ourself after being offered to taste so many. We even tasted chilli, ginger and orange chocolates.

Day 4: Romantic Sunset Bounty Dinner Cruise

22 January 2018

beaches in bali

beaches of bali

best beaches of bali

bali sunset dinner cruise

bali dinner cruise

sunset bali

In the morning post breakfast, we visited a beach which was just 10 minutes away from our hotel. After clicking a lot of pictures and playing like kids here, we returned to our hotel before finally departing for the sunset dinner cruise. The dinner cruise looked majestic in yellow and upon entering it, we were greeted by Balinese dancers who welcomed us with flowers, drinks, and garnished bread. Onboard, we had a great time and my wife was even called for a performance. We were also among the lucky ones who were selected for dancing. Later, upon deboarding, our friendly guide, Mr. Daddy was already waiting for us.

Day 5: Visit of Tanah Lot Temple to see sunset view

23 January 2018

tanah lot bali

tanah lot temple bali

tanah lot temple in bali

bali tanah lot temple visit

In the afternoon, we were transferred to sacred Tanah Lot. This temple is built on an ocean rock on the exotic west coast of Bali and witnesses the most beautiful sunset. There were waves splashing on the black rocks and we also saw a python. Later after trying a Balinese fruit chat, we decided to explore the local area on our own but got stuck due to rain. After returning to the parking lot, we found no one there and were about to panic when we saw our guide running towards us. He had been searching for us all along. And even though we were totally drenched, we were so glad to return to our hotel.

Day 6: Transfer to airport

24 January 2018

We checked out from the hotel and boarded the cab that dropped us at the Denpasar International airport for onward destination. Our beautiful trip had ended.

Looking back, I think this was one of the most experiential trips we had ever undertaken. Bali is beautiful beyond measure and I am glad I could witness the best of it with my partner.

Wow Moments

  • Sunset cruise activities, scuba diving, and our favourite restaurant visit every evening

Low Points

  • Got lost due to bad weather though we were luckily we got tracked by our guide and yes, we could not see the volcano.

Tips for travelers

  • Instead of being reluctant about foreign trip just leave it up to your travel agent from Travel triangle to plan the best holiday for you!

Loved their Bali romantic trip? Well, you too can have an awesome vacation just like them. Just select a Bali Honeymoon Package and let TravelTriangle plan a customized trip for you.

Looking To Book An International Honeymoon?

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This Misty Road Along The Rapids In Odda Valley, Norway Is Perfect For A Drive To Remember

Water gushing out of every creek & crevasse in the valley, a woodsy smell in the air, and pleasing vistas are what Oddadalen Valley greets its tourists with. Odda Valley, Norway wasn’t always a tourist attraction, but its utterly charming beauty and Latefossen—a waterfall that has a free fall of 165 metres—have made it an important stopover along Route 13. Rapids created by this waterfall run along the road, making perfect treat to the eyes as you take misty drive past them.

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The ranging twin falls spray and sprinkle the road between Odda and Haugesund – a surreal strip that is beautified by views of the falls, rapids, immense natural beauty, and unspoiled countryside. The sight of white water cascading down from the rocky outcrops and then flowing on its way, nonchalant, along the road make it one of the most scenic drives not just in Norway, but across the world.

The fall splits into two from the lake atop, created by river Austdølo, and cascade down like mirror images of each other. Though not a very popular attraction in Norway, those passing from this road always stop by to get a glance of this beauty.

What is the best time for scenic drives and sightseeing in Odda Valley, Norway?

The best time to experience the ephemeral beauty of Odda Valley’s waterfalls and greenery is early summer, when the snow has almost melt. This results in ferocious and breathtaking waterfalls dotting the valley. Odda is mainly popular for Latefossen twin falls that meet each other under the gorgeous stone arched bridge and then fall into the river Grønsdalslona.

The valley is located on highway route 13, about 10 km south of Odda in Hordaland county. The easiest way to reach this place is by a car.

Up there, Latefossen is fed by river Austdølo and some lakes on the Hardangervidda mountain. The roaring sound & winding shape of many waterfalls—Strandfoss, Tjørnadalsfoss, Espelandsfoss, Vidfoss, and Latefoss—and the green of the valleys make it one of the most beautiful places in the world.

a giant stone on a green field with a waterfall

Other than its incredibly wonderful waterfalls and the breathtakingly scenic ride, Odda Valley of Norway is also known for scenic hikes and spectacular viewpoints in Hardangerfjord. One can hike through the enchanting Hardangervidda National Park, which also has overnight wood cabins to make your treks and hikes easy. Do we wish to drive along the rapids of Latefossen? If yes, it’s a great time to book a Europe tour package to experience the miracle of nature.

Looking To Book A Holiday Package?

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Dine At Everest’s Highest Pop-up Restaurant Set 11,600 ft Above Sea Level

In a world where everyone is now competing to set and break world records, this pop-up restaurant being set up at the Everest Base Camp seems to be stealing the spotlight. A group of chefs is planning to set a world record for establishing and running the highest ever pop-up restaurant where they’ll serve dinner at the Everest Base Camp 11,600 feet above sea level. After ex-Noma chef James Sharman’s failed attempt at organizing a pop-up dinner at Everest Base Camp back in 2016, this one better be more promising.

The plan is for four reputed chefs and ten diners to carry out an eight-day trek up Mount Everest for the project called “Triyagyoni“. Starting in Lukla, Nepal, the trek will begin at the end of May 2018 and the group will forage for the ingredients on the way in order to make up their final seven-course meal, which may even include wine!

It won’t be an easy feat to get to it! It’s going to be a challenge for even the world’s most audacious adventurers who’ll need all their grit and power to show Earth who’s boss and trek up this impossible mountain for a seven-course dinner!

Project Triyagyoni dine at mt everest base camp

The biggest challenge, of course, will be the altitude, which will affect everything,” said Sanjay Thakur, an Indian chef among the four chefs behind the pop-up project. “Flavour will be decreased, so we will be designing a menu of extraordinary dishes accordingly, where spices will have the upper hand.”

Project Triyagyoni- About This Pop-up Restaurant

Adventure is only one of the things this pop-up restaurant will give hikers. Triyagyoni also aims to raise awareness of sustainability issues. “The meal, furniture included, is designed to leave nothing behind on the mountain. Additionally, all the money raised will go to local charities,” said Thakur.

Interested to be part of the journey and go down in history? The tickets are currently priced at $5,600 including flights, accommodations, and meals and it’s one hell of a deal for an adventure where you’ll be hiking for about six hours each day. But hurry, before they are all sold out!

It may not be the top (the mountain rises till 29,030 feet into the air), but it will surely be an experience of a lifetime to eat cheese and Chianti up at 11,600 feet, one-third of the entire way towards the summit!

So, would you dare to embark on an endeavor such as this to taste the finest of cuisines there ever could be! Let us know in the comments below.

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Germany’s Neuschwanstein Castle Is A Roman Architecture Beyond Comparison

Call it an epitome of fine design, bewitching beauty or an artwork illustration from a storybook, Germany’s Neuschwanstein Castle is among the few remarkable man-made creations ever. Just a sight of this legendary castle in the Bavarian Alps would hold you transfixed! Such is the castle’s charisma that even Walt Disney was left awe-struck at its first glance! Now we know what led to the outline of fairy castles in his stories! 😉 The outstanding retreat of King Ludwig II of Bavaria stands tall amidst the mountains and lush meadows that change colors every season.

Commissioning the dream-like castle was Ludwig’s way of conferring regards to Richard Wagner – the legendary German music composer. Today, the Neuschwanstein Castle not just exhibits the tales of the king but also stands as the finest piece of attraction in Germany and entire Europe!

A beautiful view of Neuschwanstein Castle during winter

Neuschwanstein Castle translates to New Swan Stone Palace is located in one of the most scenic spots in the Bavarian Alps. Originally the castle was called as New Hohenschwangau Castle, which was a further creation of Hohenschwangau Castle where Ludwig spent his childhood. Designed by Christian Jank, the castle construction procedure started in the summer of 1868 but its cornerstone wasn’t laid until 1869. The castle got commissioned by King Ludwig II two years after Austro-Prussian War.

acj-0805-neuschwanstein-Castle (6)

Let’s start with the most prominent aspect of the castle, which is the highest tower of the castle – it stands at 213 feet. While the medieval castle looks grand and scenic from outside, it looks equally enchanting from inside. Neuschwanstein Castle interior is well equipped with state of the art facility and latest technology from the 19th century.

acj-0805-neuschwanstein-Castle (5)

Talk about the advanced interiors of the castle and you have advanced air heating system and toilets on every floor with automatic flush. The water source of the castle is believed to be the spring located 200 meters above the castle in the mountains.

acj-0805-neuschwanstein-Castle (7)

All the fascinating towers, turrets, frescoes, and throne hall, make Neuschwanstein a fascinating piece of beauty. The castle was completed until 1892 but Ludwig died mysteriously in 1886 and couldn’t see the castle’s final towers completed. Only after the death of the king, the castle was open to the public.

A beautiful view of Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle can be visited during any season of the year. However, May, June, September, and October is considered to be the best time to visit the place. If you want to see Neuschwanstein all covered in snow, plan a trip there in winter.

Timings: 8 am – 5 pm
Ticket fare: 13 euros per castle plus 1.8 euros for advanced reservation

acj-0805-neuschwanstein-Castle (3)

If you are planning a day trip to Neuschwanstein, it is pretty much easy from Munich. Take a Bavarian Train to reach the nearest town Fussen. A train departs in every 2 hours and the journey takes around 2.5 hours to complete. To reach Neuschwanstein Castle you will have to reach Hohenschwangau Village. Fussen to Hohenschwangau Village is 4 km. The ticket center is located here itself. You can also opt for an organized Neuschwanstein Castle tour here.

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The castle looks dreamiest during winter. With a thick snow cover all around, this place resembles a dreamlike place from fairytales and fancy stories. At the time when there are dense mist and fog after heavy snowfall, only the minarets of the castle are visible protruding out of the sea of white. Take a look at these pictures and drool over them as much as you want!

acj-0805-neuschwanstein-Castle (8)

acj-0805-neuschwanstein-Castle (2)

Plan a stay at these popular hotels near Neuschwanstein Castle. They certainly are some of the most popular as well as closest to the monument.

i) Schlossrestaurant Neuschwanstein
ii) Hotel Waldmann
iii) Hotel Kleiner Konig
iv) Hotel Helmerhof
v) Hotel Maximilian

All said and discussed, the Neuschwanstein Castle is a legendary masterpiece that continues to stay awesome as you read this. Wouldn’t you want to adore this stunning beauty after standing right next to it? Plan a trip now!

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Taj Mahal Palace Hotel Is Now Ranked Highest Among Global Legendary Hotels

Though it might not come as a surprise to many, but the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel of Mumbai is now officially topping the list of world’s most legendary hotel. The data for the same was evaluated by TrustYou, which is the largest aggregator of guest feedback in the globe. The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel is a name that rubs shoulders with hospitality industry’s other finest creations like the Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok, Four Seasons’ George V, and La Reserva, both in Paris. The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel was ranked at the top, after a A Media Promoter Score of 95 and strong customer validation as provided by more than nine thousand users.

“This would have never been possible without the unmatched dedication of the entire team at the hotel and the patronage of our guests. The Taj Mahal Palace has always carved a niche for itself and chronicled several firsts. What makes the ranking even more special is the fact that it is guest feedback that has brought us the honour.” said the Taljinder Singh, Area Director of Taj Mahal Palace.

Taj Mahal Palace interior

Speaking of data, the hotels were analysed on different parameters including room services, sleep experience, check in check out experience, and food. Hotels with more than 200 rooms, located in a prime city globally were considered for ranking. Located in Mumbai’s most important location, the luxury hotel surely deserved the win! This surely gives us another reason to spend a night in the hotel and experience world-class amenities at their best.

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10 Highest Mountain Peaks To Conquer In The Alps Mountains

The serrated apexes of mountains drenched in the brilliant light of the sun, spikes of light piercing through the snow, teardrop-silver color lakes amid the flower-covered meadows, the icy cold arctic air, and heavy echoes of birds chirping should paint a vivid picture of the Alps mountains in your mind.

The Alps is among the most popular destinations in the world for adventurous activities including hiking, trekking, climbing, and skiing. The incredibly massive Alps stretches across 8 countries: France, Monaco, Switzerland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria, and Slovenia. The highest ten peaks of the Alps are situated in Switzerland, Italy, and France.

1. Mont Blanc at 15,774 ft above sea level

Mount Balnc covered in snow

Mont Blanc is the tallest apex in the Alps and in entire Europe. The massif of the mountain range is situated in the Graian Alps and lies within Italy, France, and Switzerland. Tour du Mont Blanc is the most popular and challenging trek that gives you a chance to experience the beauty of Mont Blanc. The most interesting part is that you have to cross borders of three countries: France, Italy, and Switzerland to reach the highest peak in the Alps.

2. Monte Rosa at 15,203 ft above sea level

Monte Rosa covered in snow

Carrying the title of Switzerland’s highest peak, Monte Rosa is located in the eastern part of the Pennine Alps. With this elevation, Tour de Mont Rosa is among the toughest treks circling Monte Rosa, crossing through both the Swiss and Italian Alps. During summer, many climbers flock to the base of Monte Rosa in the hope to reach the peak.

3. Dom at a height of 14,911 ft

snow covered Dom peak

Doma mountain range is situated near Monte Rosa. It can be seen from Gornergrat. The peak is considered one of the easier highest peaks in the Alps due to its straight terrain. It’s also excellent for Swiss Alps skiing.

4. Lyskamm at a height of 14,852 ft above sea level

The snow covered misty peaks of Lyskamm

Situated in the Pennine Alps right on the border of Switzerland and Italy, Lyskamm is the fourth highest mountain peak in the Alps mountain range. The peak is known for its massive avalanches and many mountain climbers have lost their lives while attempting this trek. Lyskammis nick-named Menschenfresser, which means “people eater.”

5. Weisshorn at a height of 14,783 ft

a small lake in the mountains

Located near the Matterhorn peak in the Pennine Alps, Weisshorn offers the most spectacular views. Since it is a difficult climb reserved for professional climbers, it doesn’t see many visitors. The large rocks and snow make the terrain incredibly challenging.

6. Matterhorn at a height of 14,692 ft

people walking towards Matterhorm

Arguably the most iconic mountain peak in the entire world, Matterhorn is absolutely scenic. Every year, millions of tourists and travelers from all around the world come to Zermatt in Switzerland to witness the mesmerizing view of the Matterhorn.

7. Dent Blanche at an elevation of 14,295 ft

A man skiing in Dent Blanche slopes wearing red jacket

Situated in Zermatt region of Switzerland, Dent Blanche can be seen from Gornergrat. One of the toughest in the Alps, it is a very interesting and diversified climb.

8. Grand Combin at an elevation of 14,154 ft

snow covered mountains

Located in the western Pennine Alps, Grand Combin is a difficult climb, which presents dangers such as icefall and avalanches. The massif creates one of the most splendid landscapes of the Pennine Alps. It is a demanding 6-day-long trek, so one has to be prepared for the tough terrain and weather.

9. Finsteraarhorn at an elevation of 14,022 ft

a lake and green fields around Finsteraarhorn

Situated in the Bernese Alps in Switzerland, Finsteraarhorn is the third most prominent peak in the Alps. The gorgeous peak is encircled by breathtaking glaciers and rocky outcrops. Although it isn’t so popular among tourists, climbers are quite fascinated by it.

10. Zinalrothorn at an elevation of 13,848 ft above sea level

green fields in the mountains

Located right in the middle of Weisshorn and Matterhorn, the bewitching Zinalrothorn can be seen from the Gornergrat. Climbers from Europe enjoy the solid rock quality and straight terrain to the peak.

Will you dare to climb one of these highest peaks in the Alps mountains though at times you’ll feel terrified!